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Military and Civilian Tax Free Sales in the EU

With over 14 years specialist experience is supplying tax free Ford vehicles, we are not only passionate about the brand we represent but also about providing the very best customer service and expert advice.

In serving in the HM Forces overseas or a you have a great opportunity to benefit from purchasing a vehicle free from VAT. This is in addition to significant military discount from Ford Motor Company and unique discounts we can offer as a UK Ford franchised dealer.

We aim to offer our customers the very best value, convenience and reassurance of dealing direct with a Ford dealership without any middlemen. With a comprehensive understanding of current regulations and processes we can guide you through a stress free purchase with a large range of models to choose from.

Whether you are serving in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Cyprus or Holland we can assist. If you serve in British Forces Germany we can help you with information on winter tyres, headlights, BFG paperwork and re-registering your part exchange. You will deal with same person from initial quotations through to collection to ensure you receive the very best care and a friendly prompt service.

Part Exchange

Whatever you are currently driving, we are able to ensure you a very competitive part exchange valuation.

We work hard to find you the best price and very often have buyers waiting for cars we have taken in part exchange. This coupled with a network of established buyers throughout the UK allows us to offer you just that little bit more than many dealers.


Using leading finance companies and Ford Credit, one of the world’s largest automotive finance companies, we have helped hundreds of customers buy their vehicles by providing finance plans that are flexible, affordable and straightforward to arrange. We also have a range of finance offers which make owning your next Ford more affordable than ever.


Am I eligible for a HM Forces Discounts with County Garage?

If you are a serving member of H. M. Forces overseas, or MOD support staff within British Forces Germany then both you, your spouse and dependants are eligible for a military discount on your Ford from County Garage. Assuming you have not already used your tax free entitlements, you can also purchase the vehicle free from VAT. A recent payslip may be required for proof of entitlement, but you can remove the financial figures if preferred.

New car ordering and delivery

Can I order a tax free vehicle prior to a posting overseas?

Yes, assuming you are posted overseas with a tax free entitlement you can use a vehicle within the UK for a short time but you must export it within 60 days from date of registration. We will supply the vehicle with a VX302 pink log book which will specify the date the vehicle must be removed by.

Where would I collect my new Ford from?

When you purchase a Ford from County Garage, you are dealing directly with a franchised Ford dealership. Our premises are in Herne Bay, on the north east coast of Kent. We are the closest tax free specialist to Dover ferry terminal / channel tunnel. Upon collecting your vehicle, you will be dealing with your dedicated sales advisor that has looked after you from the beginning. We will be expecting you and will take as much time as you need to explain and technologies and features. If you prefer, we can arrange for your vehicle to be delivered to anywhere in the UK at no additional cost.

Can you deliver the vehicle to me overseas?

Yes, we have arranged many transporter deliveries overseas. We also offer free pick-up service from London airports / Kent seaports and the channel tunnel. However if you have a part exchange you intend to sell in the UK, you or your spouse will need to return to the UK to re-register the vehicle yourselves.

How do I order my new vehicle?

Ordering a vehicle from County Garage Ford could not be easier. We can assist you in choosing the model most suitable to you, provide you with availability and talk you through any necessary paperwork. You are welcome to enquire by phone with one of our experienced sales advisors on +44 (0) 1227 374939, by email or using one of our contact forms – whichever you chose we reply quickly to your enquiry.

Do I have much paperwork to complete?

We will guide you through the minimal paperwork in order to be able to complete the UK registration of your new vehicle and supply you VX302 pink log book. The taxation of the vehicles is completed in house with the special permission granted to us by the DVLA. We can provide guidance on BFG registration.

Winter tyres and continental LHD headlights – British Forces Germany

Do I need winter/mud & snow tyres?

If you plan to use the vehicle in Germany, on the 26 November 2010 German law was amended to state when winter tyres must be used and how to identify them. Compliant tyres are identified by having either a snowflake for winter tyres or M&S/M+S/M.S to identity Mud and Snow tyres. Although no specified time period of use has been stated they must be fitted in Black Ice, Snow, Slush or Icy/Frosty conditions. Most vehicles supplied will not have these tyres fitted as standard but they are available at additional cost.

Do I need continental lights?

This depends on the features the vehicle is equipped with. A policy change on 11 March 2013, now allows vehicles fitted with technologies that enable the beam pattern to be flattened can now BFG register their vehicles without fitting a LHD European headlight conversion. With vehicles that do not have this feature incorporated, LHD European headlights will still be required. These can be supplied and fitted at additional cost free from VAT. In all cases a light test is required with 45 days of BFG registration.

Part Exchange

Can I part exchange my current car?

Whether you currently drive a Ford or another make and model of vehicle, as well as our own used car operation we have an extensive network of buyers throughout the UK to ensure we can obtain you the most competitive valuation. Click here to complete our online valuation form.

My current car is outside the UK, how do I go about arranging a part exchange?

We do not need to see you current vehicle to offer you a competitive valuation but you will need to bring the car back to the UK having completed the re-registration with the BFG VLO before we can take the vehicle in part exchange.

What paperwork do I need to re-register my part exchange?

All personnel from BFG wishing to register a vehicle initially supplied from the UK back to the UK will require the following paperwork:

  • BFG Form NOVA 1 – Obtained in advance before leaving BFG from customs and immigration. This form is only valid for a maximum 14 days so please speak with us prior to making any final arrangements.
  • BFG Ford 73 – Proof of registration in BFG VLO and will be retained by the DVLA.
  • Proof of Insurance – A UK cover note with UK address and chassis number of the vehicle you are re-registering.
  • DVLA Form V55/5 – If you are purchasing your new vehicle from us and part exchanging your vehicle, we will supply this for your convenience.
  • Road Worthiness Certificate – applicable on all vehicles over 3 years old. You will then need to get an MOT within 14 days of the date of re-registration. Our service department can MOT your vehicle.
  • VX302 Pink Log Book – This documents the type approval number of the vehicle and proof that the initial registration fee has been paid as a UK supplied vehicle.
  • Car tax – The cost of the tax disc will depend on the CO2 emissions of the vehicle and will need to be retained by us. As the V5 registration document will take some weeks to arrive, this is the only proof of re-registration and allows the vehicle to be re-sold.
  • Authority Letter – If you are part exchanging your vehicle with us we will provide a letter of authority for the vehicle to re-registered care of our address to save you arranging the V5 to be forward to us once issued.
My current vehicle has finance outstanding, can I still part exchange it?

Yes, we deal with many part exchanges with outstanding finance and we discuss options as part of putting the quotation together for you.


Can you arrange finance to purchase a vehicle?

Yes, we work with both specialist finance companies and Ford Credit to get you the most competitive quotation. We take out all of the hassle of arranging finance and supply full documentation using finance contracts suitable for your budget, circumstances and future plans.

We are the closest dealership to the Dover ferry terminal / channel tunnel that specialise in tax free Ford’s. We understand many of our customers will try and change their vehicles for a new car and travel over and back in one or two days. We are ideally located close to Maidstone VLO and also offer free collection from London airports if you do not have a part exchange.