2023 Farewell to the Historic Fiesta

26 Posted: 26th Oct 2022
2023 Farewell to the Historic Fiesta

Having been a Ford dealer since 1962, County Garage Ford was there from the start when the Ford Fiesta was launched in 1976. Over the last 46 years, we have delivered thousands, and serviced tens of thousands of this popular model. Today Ford Motor Company have announced we will be saying farewell to the Ford Fiesta during 2023 in favour of an exciting range of electric vehicles that are coming soon.  While we can't wait to tell you about them in due course, today we want to take a look back over 7 generations and 22 million sales of one of the oldest nameplates in the automotive industry.


  • 1976 - 1st Generation

    Launched by Henry Ford II in Valencia, Spain and named Fiesta to reflect its Spanish roots, what was intially called project 'Bobcat' saw the lauch of this compact fuel efficient car.  The Fiesta was born following the 1973 oil crisis, being designed in Dunton and Cologne, and in reponse to a demand for smaller more fuel efficient vehicles and a move to front wheel drive creating more interior space.

    A little later in 1977 with growing popularity, production started in Dagenham, Essex and the Fiesta also starred alongside Roger Moore's James Bond winning British hearts for the model. The first 100mph Fiesta, the XR2 designed by the Dunton Special Engineering Team, arrived in 1981. 

  • 1983 2nd Generation

    By the time the 2nd generation Fiesta was launched, it was a firm favourite and Ford had already sold around 3 million cars.  The Mk2 came out very slightley larger, with new lean burn engines and building on the success of the already popular XR2 with a twin choke weber carb.

    Other models like the Popular, Popular Plus, L, S and the more luxurious Ghia all became popular models. This Fiesta remained as a 3-door model only, but the 2nd generation did see the introduction of a diesel and automatic. 

  • 1989 - 3rd Generation

    The 1989 Fiesta saw a brand new chassis, with new suspension set-up and the introduction of the much in demand 5-door model. 

    Higher performance models were introduced with the XR2i and RS Turbo which was then followed by the RS1800 before higher insurance premiums tamed the model line up. This generation Fiesta also saw the introduction of 16-valve engines and all models becoming fuel injected with catalytic convertors.

    This model carried on for a few years after the 4th generation was introduced being branded the Fiesta Classic finally finishing in 1997. 

  • 1995 - 4th Generation

    Being launched with new engines and updated technology, the 4th generation soon became the best selling vehicle in the UK from 1996 - 1998 overtaking the Ford Escort. It was itself overtaken by the brands all-new Ford Focus in 1999. 

    This Fiesta design also led to the development of the original Ford Puma launched in 1997 which was designed by Ian Callum who also had input into the much desired RS200 and Escort Cosworth - all modern classics. 


  • 2002 - 5th Generation

    Close to the turn of a new millennium saw a new, more grown up Fiesta. It was larger, more refined and saw anti-lock brakes and a passenger airbag fitted as standard. This model became a best seller and was introduced all over the world. 

    In 2004, we saw the introduction of the now legendary Fiesta ST. With a 2.0 petrol engine this became the most powerul Fiesta to date and saw Ford bringing back a true performance version.

  • 2008 - 6th Generation

    2008 saw the introduction of the 6th generation Fiesta, at a time when compact cars were in demand. Now nearly the size of the original Ford Focus, this model saw nearly half a million vehicles sold across Europe in 2010 alone. Being the first vehicle to be produced under the new 'One Ford' global design project, at one point it was built in six different Ford plants across the globe being succsesful in Europe, North America and China. 

  • 2017 to 2023 - 7th Generation

    That brings us right up to date with the 7th generation. In 2022, Fiesta received a facelift that will be the last ever version of this iconic car. 

    Still doing what we have come to expect, picking up critical acclaim while being one of our most popular models in the lineup, this version is packed with technology, connectivity and is more refined over previous versions. The current model Fiesta also offers the option of Mild Hybrid engines, based on the phenominally successful 1.0 EcoBoost engine. 

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