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Book a 24hr Test Drive today

Be more sure with the opportunity to try our Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid for 24 hours

How far will it go? How will I charge it? Is it quick? Is it powerful? Is it right for me? 

Take a 24-hour test drive  in the All-New Ford Kuga Hybrid this July and August to switch off doubt. 

About the Ford Kuga Hybrid

The Ford Kuga is a small yet practical SUV that is highly spacious, with enough room to seat five adults comfortably. As will all Ford cars, the Ford Kuga comes with a host of safety and technology feautres as standard as well as a 5 star Euro NCAP rating.

Some of the safety features included are Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control which works using the built in RADAR sensor that is designed to detect vehicles ahead. Once the road ahead is clear, the vehicle automatically increases back to the chosen speed. 

Alongside the Lane Keeping System, which prevents unintentional movements across lanes, the Ford Kuga offers peace of mind for long journeys, particularly those who do a lot of motorway driving.

There are a range of benefits associated with Hybrid models and the Ford Kuga is no different. Hybrid vehicles have two sources of power; an electric powertrain and a traditional petrol engine, which work together to offer economical driving every time. The benefits of a Hybrid vehicle are noticable during longer journeys where a typical battery charge would struggle to manage. The range of the battery charge can often give drivers what is known as 'range anxiety' and leaves them looking for charging points constantly. This worry is removed with a Hybrid as the petrol engine is there as backup or only when needed.

The All-New Ford Kuga is available with a choice of advanced new hybrid powertrains. The Plug-In Hybrid is stylish, capable, and efficient - in electric mode it has a range of up to 35 miles or a combined range of 465 miles.  Or maybe you’d prefer the EcoBlue Mild Hybrid with its self-charging electric motor that provides additional support to the combustion engine when needed.

As things return to normal, we want to help keep our customers safe. All vehicles will fully sanitised as part of the Ford Care Code, insured and fully charged. We will also supply charging leads, which come as standard with the Kuga PHEV, so you can see how quick and easy it is to fully charge the vehicle at your home.

Click on the link and we will promptly contact you to arrange a mutually agreeable day for your test drive experience at no cost to you. anied Test Drive


Driving licence required for each driver. We can offer the 24 hour test drive if you are aged between 21-95, have had a UK licence for atleast 1 year and you have had no disqualifications in the last 5 years and a maximum of 9 points. The insurance excess is £250 and we would require your current vehicle left with us while you test drive the Kuga.