CDS Community Fundraiser Event

17 Posted: 17th Oct 2022
CDS Community Fundraiser Event

We were delighted to support the Community Driving School (CDS) fund raising event held at Broome Park Manor on Sunday 16th October. 

Founded by John Nicholson in 2016, Community Driving School changes lives with back to work training and driving courses to make people more employable.  

Being able to drive is one of the single most important skills a person can have and is quite literally life changing.  It offers freedom to travel anywhere at any time and opens doors to employment which were previously out of reach.  For example, jobs involving driving, mobility or simply being able to get to a remote location not easily accessed by public transport.  In addition to travel and employment opportunities, a driving licence is a legal form of ID which can be used when applying for voting and other legal disclosures.

The aim of the Community Driving School (CDS) is to allow those on a low wage, unemployed, young carers and students access to jobs previously beyond them to obtain a driving licence in exchange for providing the equivelent amount of time in lessons to support the community with students referred from charitable partners of CDS. 


  • How To Support Community Driving School

    The Community Dirivng School relies on support from its members, partners and donations. If you want to find out more and get involved visit tehir website. 

    Community Driving School

  • And the winner is......

    To help raise funds, County Garage Ford raffled the opportunity to win the use of our stunning Cyber Orange Mustang Mach-E for a long weekend. The winner was announced at the event and we hope the lucky couple enjoy the experience of this exhilerating drive. 

    While we can't offer you the car for a long weekend, if you would like to book an un-accompanied test drive we would be delighted to assist.

    Book a Test Drive


  • About Broome Park

    Broome Park Manor House was comepleted nearly 400 years ago and in more recent times home of Lord Kitchener apponted the Secretary of State at the start of World War One and recognisable from the 'Lord Kitcher Wants You' poster of 1914. 

    Today Broome Park hosts weddings and conferences and has an 18-hole parkland championship golf course located in the 250 acre estate. 

    Find out what Broome Park has to offer

    Find Out More


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