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Electric Vehicles in Herne Bay, Kent

Electric Vehicles are not only becoming more popular, but they are taking the automotive market by storm, with some manufacturers introducing record numbers of EV’s into their range in 2020.

Ford introduced 14 Electric models into their range during 2020, including plug-in Hybrid and all Electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles encompass any electrified vehicle, whether that is Hybrid or pure Electric, so when Electric vehicles are referred to, this can mean any type of Electrified vehicle.

The type of Electric Vehicle suited to you, should depend on your circumstances, the distances you are likely to drive each journey and the nature of the journeys you make.

What are the benefits of Electric Vehicles

There are a range of benefits associated with owning an Electric car.

Fewer repairs – Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts that you would expect with a conventional engine, therefore there is less chance of any components going wrong or needing repair.

Cost savings – Cost savings can be seen instantly when you upgrade to an Electric car, as there is no need to fill up with costly petrol or diesel (pure Electric). Instead, you will be charging the vehicle using either a public charging port or a home charging port.

With Hybrid vehicles, you will need to fill the conventional petrol engine as standard, which will only be used when the Electric energy has been utilised (when you make a journey that is longer than the range of the Electric charge). Hybrid vehicles are charged using regenerative energy from braking and placed back into the battery.

Environmental benefits – Pure Electric vehicles offer 100% emission free driving, reducing your affects on the environment. Hybrid vehicles offer much lower emissions than vehicles with a conventional engine, but are not 100% emission free due to the petrol reserve for longer journeys.

How do you charge an Electric vehicle

Electric vehicles can be charged in a number of ways.

Pure Electric – Pure Electric cars are charged using a charging port, either a conventional 3 pin plug, an Electric vehicle home charging point or a public charge port. Each will offer different levels and speeds of charging to full capacity, with the public charge port being the fastest.

Hybrid Electric – A Hybrid Electric is charged using regenerative energy from braking combined with the internal combustion engine. There is no way to charge a Hybrid Electric car using a charging port. Hybrid cars will also have a conventional petrol engine for reserve when journeys are longer than the range of the Electric engine.

Plug in Hybrid – Plug in Hybrid (PHEV) cars use the battery to power an electric motor, along with a conventional petrol engine that works together to power the internal combustion engine. Unlike Hybrid Electric cars, plug in Hybrid’s can be charged using a charging port.

What Electric vehicles can I get from County Garage Ford

County Garage Ford stock a range of electric vehicles, with something to suit everyone. If you are looking for a Hybrid model, the Ford Mondeo Hybrid offers that executive car design with plenty of room for the whole family to travel in comfort.

Available as either a saloon or an estate, the Ford Mondeo Hybrid allows you to seamlessly switch between professional and family life. If you would like to take advantage of the additional stylish trim, the Vignale option includes an array of comfort features as standard.

If you think a plug-in Hybrid would suit your lifestyle better, the Ford Kuga plug-in Hybrid option is a practical compact SUV that offers plenty of comfort features and driving enjoyment as standard. Five adults can travel comfortably and there is also enough boot space for any additional cargo.

The Ford Kuga has won the maximum five starts in Euro NCAP safety tests, offering complete peace of mind to those travelling with small children.

If you would rather an all-Electric model, the Ford Mustang Mach-E has it all; environmentally friendly, stylish and truly enjoyable to drive. The Mustang Mach-E is an SUV with muscle car roots with a powerful engine and fast acceleration. The range of the Mustang Mach-E can reach as much as 335 miles.

Ford are introducing new additions to the Electric range regularly so speak to County Garage Ford if you are looking to upgrade to an electric vehicle and we would be happy to help.