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Ford Cars to Suit Adventurers

If you like to live an active or outdoor lifestyle, you will need a car that can keep up with you on your trips, whether off road or across country.

You may find you need additional space for your equipment and your current vehicle may not offer the room you need. If you are transporting surfboards, walking or climbing equipment or even mountain bikes, you want your vehicle to be as adaptable as possible, without compromising on passenger space.

Best 7 seater SUV's

If you have a large family who will be making long trips on a regular basis, you will want to accommodate all passengers and offer a comfortable journey, every time. With a seven seater SUV such as the Ford S-Max, the whole family can travel in comfort and style, with no compromise on luggage space.

The modular layout of the Ford S-Max allows for seats to be folded down to accommodate awkward shaped or large items that would not fit in the standard boot space, allowing you to continue with your weekend activities as a family.

The Ford S-Max offers plenty of technology, from a 10” TFT cluster display and an 8” touchscreen, which are available on the Titanium trim upwards, to features such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Ford KeyFree.

For those who want additional comfort and style, the Vignale trim offer premium leather seating, exterior chrome detail, silver roof rails and polished alloy wheels.

Best off-road cars

If you will regularly be travelling to destinations that are off the beaten track, you will need a vehicle that can handle rough terrain, difficult road surfaces and all weather conditions.

The Ford S-Max features an Intelligent AWD system that can determine the amount of grip and responsiveness is required for the road surface.

For those not needing the space and seating the Ford S-Class offers, the Ford Kuga can seamlessly switch between city driving and rural adventures and offer a comfortable journey for up to five adults.

There is a host of technology and driver assist features that come as standard with the Ford Kuga, from Lane Keeping System that helps prevent unintentional drifts, ideal for motorway driving, to Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, which can detect vehicles in front and automatically reduce the speed of the vehicle to leave a safe distance.

Similar to the Ford S-Max, the Ford Kuga offers adaptive seating to modularise the layout and accommodate additional luggage or simply provide extra legroom to the rear passengers.

As with all Ford models, you can use the FordPass Connect App to control your car from your smartphone, from locating to unlocking the vehicle remotely.

It’s important to find a vehicle to fit into your lifestyle, so if you are commuting during the week, you may not want to invest in a large SUV which is likely to be less economical for city driving.

Considering how you will be using your vehicle is an important part of the buying process. This then allows you to narrow down choices based on your requirements.

If you would like some help deciding or would like to book a test drive, please contact our friendly team or visit our dealership in Herne Bay, Kent.