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Global shortage of semiconductor chips


As you may been aware if you have ordered anything containing electronic circuitry recently, there is a global shortage of semiconductor chips following disruption caused by the Coronvirus Pandemic and a huge surge in demand in the electronics industries. 

While we are all used to the pandemic disrupting things, the issue of a global shortage of semiconductor chips is affecting a wide range of industy sectors including games console makers, smart phones, white goods, gas boilers and car manufacturers. 

Almost all car manufacturers are experiencing shortages, which is leading to disruption in manufacturing plants that will lead to a shortage of new vehicles.  To make matters worse, one of the primary suppliers of semi-condutor chips to the automotive industry had a large fire at their plant earlier in the year. 

What is a semiconductor chip?

Semiconductor chips take time to design and set-up for manuafacturing, so they can't easily be replicated to increase supply. Millons of transistors can go into one semi-conductor chip, and a normal car has over 1,300 of them, with electric vehicles having more like 3,500. 

So what does this shortage mean?

We will start to see shortages of some of our Ford nameplates, which will continue into the summer. 

Its important, if you are considering changing your vehicle you start to think about this now, so we can either supply you from our current stock or order any specific vehicles in time for you to get it. 

While this is disappointing news, and may add to some delays, rest assured Ford and ourselves will do everything possible to meet your requirements while being transparent in what to expect. 

We have a number of flexible solutions around finance and offers should you choose to factory order a vehicle and have popular models in stock for immediate delivery. 

Helping you find your next Ford car

We are offering 24-hour test drives across our range, giving you time to experience some of our recent new models like the all-new Ford Puma Hybrid and Kuga Plug-in Hybrid.  We also have the mild Hybrid Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus.

Our dealership is one of the few dealers in Kent and the first Ford dealer int he UK to be accredited by the government backed Electric Vehicle Approval scheme, so we have the knowledge to provide advice on Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles.