Mustang Mach-E - Same Horse, All New Power

6 Posted: 6th Dec 2021
Mustang Mach-E - Same Horse, All New Power

Be ready to fall in love with driving again, as Ford Motor Company have bought to us the latest in the history of Mustang. Built from the heart of and soul from its past predecessors Ford have developed the Mach-E.

In a market that is ever growing, Ford has brought a new life to the 'Mustang' brand. Through innovation and developing a new, sleek and sharp name to the brand, going from sport, to SUV, and from fuel to electric has only enhanced what Mustang stands for and what it can do. As the Mach-E GT still beats and flies with the heart of a true Mustang, all whilst maintaining practicality. Going from 0-62 mph in 3.7 seconds like a true Mustang would is just covering the basics of what this car can do.

  • Mach-Evolution

    Looking through the history of the Horse, Mustang has continuously adapted and innovated their product line to bring today their first electric vehicle.

    With its 860Nm all-electric power, you may lose the thunder but you'll still bring the lightning, retaining the image of the horse that Mustang has always been. With the addition of a new electric model of Mustang being added to the family, it only expands on what's coming next in the future, what Ford Mustang has to bring and what we have to look forward to in the coming years.

  • Innovating Infotainment

    Blending Innovation with Infotainment is key for creating a healthy dose of leisure whilst keeping your interior compact.

    With a 15.5-Inch screen as the Mach-E's centre console, you are the commander of your vehicle and the chooser of your destination. All whilst provided access to whatever the mind desires with a sharp and responsive display. Regardless to the advancement in infotainment and technology in vehicles, people will still find an ease of functions with no challenge to adapting to the new technology. This makes it suitable for anyone regardless of technical knowledge to adapt to.


  • Design Driven

    The Mustang Mach-E is not a replacement of the original Mustang true fans have loved acrossed generations of Mustang's existence, but rather it is an addition turning the Mustang from a sports car to an SUV. Regardless, this does not change what it means to drive a Mustang, as the Mach-E has set the new standard of what it means to be a practical, everyday SUV whilst also offering the driving thrill and enjoyment of a Mustang like it had never changed.

    With sleek and stylish design, the signature taillamp known by Mustang and a new modern-look. The Mustang Mach-E stays close to its heritage whilst bringing out something new for all to admire.

  • Mach-E: Made for Everyone

    Mach-E is an experience for everyone, and regardless of your preferences there is a Mach-E made for you. With a range of options and customisations, there is a Mach-E made for your suited needs. Whether you're a family based person who is looking for something practical and efficient whilst looking Ford Fresh on the streets. Alternatively you're looking for the raw performance and power of what it means to experience Mustang, the Mach-E or Mach-E GT Performance are available to the market. Alternatively, Mach-E's can be designed and bought specifcally to your standard through Ford Motor Company's page 'Build your Mustang Mach-E', where you are the maker of your mach and delivered by us.

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