Order the All-New Ranger & Ranger Raptor

1 Posted: 1st Sep 2022
Order the All-New Ranger & Ranger Raptor

Ford Motor Company are global leaders in pick-up trucks and today you are able to order the Next-Gen Ford Ranger for the first time. The smartest, most versatile and most capable Ranger ever! 

Ford have used decades of pick-up truck expertise and a deep understanding of what customers demand from this type of vehicle from around the globe to create this fantastic vehicle with an ownership experiece to match. 

Whether its for business, family live or adventures - the UK's and Europe's best selling pick-up truck is set to get even better.

  • Design

    The rugged new look of the Next-Gen Ford Ranger was developed as a result of over 5,000 interviews and dozens of customer workshops to understand how customers used their pick-up trucks and what their expectations would be for a new model. 

    New bodywork, upgraded chassis riding on a wheelbase 50mm longer and a track 50mm wider than current Ranger. 

  • Interior 

    The next-gen Ranger will be offered with SYNC4 connectivity and infotainment system, via a 10.0inch or 12.0inch portrait-oriented touchscreen. 

    The pick-up will also benefit from a full digital intrument cluster and six new driver modes as well as off-roading data that includes driveline, steering angle, vehicle pitch and roll angles. 

  • New Powertrain Choices

    The next-gen Ranger has a choice of new engines, as well as the already proven Single or Bi-Turbo 2-litre diesel which will allow you to choose your balance of power, torque and fuel economy. 

    There is also a 3.0-litre V6 diesel and 3.0 V6 Petrol giving the feeling of endless power and torque.  An electrified option will be subject to  further announcement, with Plug-in Hybrid being most likely. 

  • Gearboxes

    Ford have built a new 6-speed manual gearbox as well as a revised 10-speed automatic that is lighter and has tighter ratios to improve towing capabilities at lower revs. 

    The gear selector is a short-throw, e-shifter with an electronic parking brake to enable more driving assistance systems and semi-autonomous driving features in the future. 

  • Drive Modes 

    The next-gen Ranger will be offered with two different 4x4 systems; Advanced automated four-wheel drive, intelligently offering smart torque distrubution whether towing, on different surfaces or facing different conditions; or a more traditional electronic on-the-fly drive selector system.

  • Cargo Systems

    There is an integrated side-step behind the rear tyres of the next‑gen Ranger, to create a strong, more stable way to access the box. In addition, Ford have worked hard to ensure that a wider variety of cargo could fit and stay secure in the load box.

    While the pick-up being 50mm wider and longer may not seem like a lot, it makes a huge difference, especially in the cargo box. It means that customers will be able to load flat some pretty fundamental items, such as a sheet of building plywood or a full-size pallet.

  • The Next-Gen Ford Ranger is available to order now

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  • This reveal offers an early insight into the 2022 Next Generation Ford Ranger. This is written with an understanding of the features, powertrains and gearboxes that will be available.  Some differences may exist between different global markets. 

  • Next-Gen Ford Ranger Raptor

    Built to dominate in the desert, master the mountain and everywhere in between, the Ranger Raptor raises the off-road performance bar as a pick-up for enthusiasts. 

    Developed by Ford Performance, the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor is the ulitmate performance derivative on the Next-Gen Ford Ranger blending raw power with mechanical and technical precision. 

  • EcoBoost Power

    The Next-Gen Ranger Raptor boasts an all-new twin-turbo 3.0-litre EcoBoost V6 petrol engine tuned by Ford Performance to produce a targetted 288PS       and 491Nm of torque. 

    The new engine is made from a graphite-iron cylinder block which is around 75% stronger than the iron used in traditional casings. 

  • Unique Chassis

    The Next-Gen Ranger Raptor has a unique chassis when compared to the all-new Ranger. A series of Raptor-specific mounts and reinforcements make this vehicle a high-performance off-roader.

    The new FOX Live Valve dampers adapts in real-time to enable exceptional on-road body control while absorbing corrugations and bigger ruts off-road with ease. While the hardware is FOX, the tuning and development were carried out by Ford Performance. 



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