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Take a test drive in the Hybrid Ford Mondeo Today

The days when your only options were just a petrol or diesel engine are gone forever. With Mild Hybrid, Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid and All-Electric all offering alternative options to conventional fuels. Eight new hybrid models are coming to the Ford range during 2019. At County Garage Ford we have the Ford Mondeo Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) available for test drive.  This vehicle has an internal combustion engine, but it also has a large battery and powerful motor.  This provides more assistance to the engine and enables the vehicle to drive parts of short journeys at low speed using the electric motor alone. Thanks to the conventional engine, driving range is not an issue. The Mondeo Hybrid is capable of using both battery and the internal combustion seamlessly.

There is no requirement to charge or plug this vehicle in as the battery is maintained and charged during driving, partly due to regenerative braking. While braking, the motor is still spinning even though the car is trying to slow down. Regenerative braking captures this typically wasted energy to create electricity, which charges the battery. The internal combustion engine also powers a generator which transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. The Mondeo Hybrid has a unique instrument cluster that shows charge rates of the battery, regenerative braking and fuel economy.

The Mondeo is available in automatic only, in both 4-door Saloon or Estate body styles with different trim levels available. The Hybrid Mondeo offers low running costs, a spacious and refined drive and a good level of standard equipment.

Company Cars

Company car drivers can expect to pay vehicle benefit tax. For a monthly paid car driver on the PAYE system with the correct tax code, one twelfth of the appropriate amount of tax will be deducted from income via the monthly payroll. Some individuals will be taxed 20%, or if you are close of above the threshold for a higher rate tax this maybe 40%.

The P11D value is fixed for the life of the car according to the new price list when first registered, but ither rates may change.

For a Mondeo 2.0 Ti-VCT Titanium Edition HEV 187PS 4 Door Auto - Standard Specification at the 2018/19 tax year rates the monthly figure is £99.92 for 20% tax payer, or £199.83 for 40% tax payer making the Mondeo Hybrid a very tax efficient vehicle to use.

Later in 2019

During 2019, we will be adding Fiesta Mild Hybrid and Focus Mild Hyrbid to our growing range.  Mild Hybrid vehicles have two sources of power that work together.  These improve efficiency while offering an affordable solution that is not limited by battery range.

All-New Ford Kuga

Towards the end of  2019 we will be launching the All-New Ford Kuga, offering three different Hyrbid technologies alongside conventional petrol and diesel engines.

The All-New Kuga will feature - Mild Hybrid, Hybrid and Plug in Hybrid technologies.

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