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Free 30-point e-check at County Garage Ford

FREE 30-point eCHECK of your vehicle letting you know about anything that may require attention in the future.

Using the latest hand held computer technology, our trained technicians will carry out a FREE 30-point inspection of your vehicle. Our aim is to email you a video and report detailing the condition of your vehicle including items that may require attention in the future. We present this in an easy to understand report and video filmed by the trained technician working on your vehicle.

We will even call you to offer free rechecks in the future to make sure that it has not deteriorate any further in the future rather than immediate replacement. A simple traffic light system shows you exactly how safe and healthy each part of your vehicle is and any recommended upcoming replacement or repair items.

Red items

This area needs urgent attention. It may be illegal or unsafe to drive your vehicle in this condition. Anything marked red needs repairing urgently.

Amber items

Amber marks out the symptoms that warn you there’s something wrong. It might not need urgent attention right now, but if you don’t watch it closely it may result in a more serious problem. Catch it before it gets worse and you could also save yourself a lot of time and money.

Green items

Good news – the all clear. You shouldn’t need to worry about any green items at least until your next service.

We strongly believe our services to you are built around value, convenience and trust. Our business is built on repeat customers and recommendations and we will never recommend replacement of an item that still has a serviceable life left unless you want us to. We can show you any areas of concern to help you understand what may be required.

Even if you suspect your vehicle is fine, but would just like it to be checked over before a long journey we are perfectly happy to oblige.