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Recommended by most manufacturers every 3 years, an air conditioning service ensures your system is operating efficiently, with no bad smells and kind to the environment.

Air conditioning is not only an extreme benefit during hot outside temperatures but is fantastic at removing interior condensation during rainy summer days. Included in a service is:

  • Check refrigerant quality, pressure and temperature                                                                                                        
  • Check refrigerant hoses
  • Check drivebelts and wiring harnesses
  • Sanitise system to fight any bacteria/microbes that create bad and musty smells
  • Re-gas with new refrigerant and leak test

When we are removing any current refrigerant in the system to replace with new, we will also insert a dye before re-gassing the system. This allows us to ensure there are no leaks present usually through pressure seals degrading.

For the same price we will also investigate any concerns with your air conditioning, leak tested with Nitrogen to ensure no damaging effects to the environment.

All for £70.00 including VAT for R134a gas and £140 including VAT for the newer R1234 gas carried out by trained technicians meeting European Union F-Gas Regulations.


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