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Tyres for your Ford at County Garage Ford, Kent

With the latest tyre changing, laser wheel alignment and wheel balancing equipment, you are not only ensured of a great price, but also that your tyre is fitted correctly.

How important are tyres?

Tyres are extremely technical in their design and the only part of your car in contact with the road. Effective braking, cornering and acceleration as well as fuel consumption and safety are all reliant on your tyres operating correctly.

Tyre manufactures are always looking for improvements and there have been many innovations in wet and dry handling, road noise, fuel economy and safety with each tyre having its own individual characteristics.

As well as offering extremely competitive prices, we will help you decide the best brand for your car which very often results in a mid-range cost effective solution.

We will also explain how to look after your tyres by explaining the importance of correct pressures and its effect on safety, fuel consumption and environmental CO2 emissions. In addition, we will point out the thread indicator bars and what to look out for to ensure your tyres remain in a serviceable condition.

As tyres wear, braking distance in the wet increase and traction is lost. The legal limit is 1.6mm across the central 75% section of the tyre thread. Most tyre manufacturers recommend replacement by 2.0mm with the following table illustrating the percentage of wear at different points in the tyres life.

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